Fibre Art

Textiles always fascinate me. I learned to sew at a young age and discovered quilting at 27. My children were little, I had time on my side and friends to learn new skills with. As an artist, my quilting progressed and became entwined with other mediums… this work is described best as fibre art.

The work immediately below features block prints of tree rings, beetles and other critters. I carve the blocks from wood, ink them and press them onto various textiles. The individual textile prints are combined into a story of sorts, quilted, bound and have exhibited in various group exhibitions in British Columbia and across Canada.

In 2010, I began a Master’s Degree in Fibre Art through Warnborough University in the UK. It was a project-based degree, which gave me the opportunity to observe and document the interactive relationship between the hardy Wild Rose in Northern Alberta and the (prolific) species… homo sapiens. It was a fascinating exploratory study… which I will share if you and I ever have a chance to sit and chat sometime.

The final collection comprises of 30 pieces. The backgrounds are each made of machine-felted wool (purchased pre-dyed). The rose hips are made of heated and painted tyvek (a man-made, house-construction product). All pieces host machine-stitched embellishing and a few have hand-beaded or wire embellishment as well. The pieces are machine-quilted and bound with black binding. The collection exhibited in galleries in Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie and Edmonton, Alberta, as well as Cumberland, British Columbia.

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